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Instantly Checking Other Store Prices When You See a Deal

I was recently notified about this deal for 24 AA Alkaline batteries where the price of it was extremely cheap. $4.99 cheap to be exact and I thought that I have seen it at that price before. While I don’t have any use in getting it, my immediate reaction was to try and find the same or similar product in other stores to kind of get a better idea as to why the price is so low.


As I looked at other retail chains it was definitely more expensive where the prices seemed more normal at about $18. If the prices were all around $4.99 then it would be safe to assume that it is either a vendor funded sale where companies credit stores for selling the item or everyone is trying to get rid of it in a clearance fashion. Upon further research, it seemed like there was a large batch of these batteries where it was close to the expiry date. So that was the catch.


It’s almost like it comes down to science in regards to determining why something is so cheap where it makes it a lot easier to shop for items that are truly a good deal.

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