Having Only An Impression To Go With

Having Only An Impression To Go With

Kind of an interesting scenario today as I was with a group of people who were all essentially doing a quick mock business presentation of sort under an artificial tight timeline.  The awkward thing for me personally is that I wanted to get to know everyone as I personally believe even in business it’s a people business first and foremost.  But due to the structure and time that didn’t happen.

As a result it’s almost like everyone has to essentially pre-judge each other in a way that is more like speed dating.  Then again, that’s how it works many times as one person recently told me for example that certain businesses can work like a Tinder app where people quickly look at certain things and if they don’t see it then they swipe next.

I was just thinking how this must give you a lot of “What if” in some ways if you don’t fully get to know people.  Kind of reminds me of various events in my life for example where even I would have told you I was absolutely the wrong person for a role yet I got thrown into it anyways.  Turned out I actually did extremely well.  But when time isn’t on your side I guess we don’t have the luxury to do so huh?  It’s almost like I wanted to whip out a quick “learn about me” app for everyone I saw today in a professional sense during this experience.  Interesting nonetheless.

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