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Imagining That Your Bank Account Has Just Been Drained Out of Millions

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What a scary story this was I was told today. It revolved around a person who runs a multi-million dollar business where life was good in every way for him. He was even married for over 20 years as his wife handled all of the accounting. She also hired her side of the family to do all of the accounting work as well. Just recently, he went to check the funds in the bank account and it was virtually drained. It appeared that the wife had taken everything and now went into hiding.

Even I was a little dumbfounded on how that could happen as that is a substantial amount of funds. It was mentioned that the person did it slowly and gradually where he didn’t notice as he didn’t exactly do the accounting. Therefore, he just assumed that everything was okay. It did make me wonder how one could imagine getting away with that as there must be trails everywhere.

It made me think too on how regardless if you have someone else handling your finances you should still be in-tune with what is going on. I always imagined that if you hired an accountant for your business as an example it simply means you don’t need to worry about the tedious work. But you would still need to check the end result on a constant basis.

Of course I am sure no one would be expecting this to happen. Especially with the circumstance that it had. Kind of adds new meaning to the saying on how making money is the easy part and keeping it is another.

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