Ikea Recalling Drawers Manufactured From January 2002 to June 2016

Ikea Recalling Drawers Manufactured From January 2002 to June 2016

ikea drawer recall 2002 2016

I was reading this little tidbit today on how Ikea was apparently recalling so many drawers due to a safety issue. Apparently if you can’t secure your drawer to the wall and your item was manufactured between January 2002 and 2016 then you are entitled to a refund as stated in their safety notice.

“Customers who, for any reason, cannot secure their IKEA chests of drawers to the wall are now advised to bring them back to any IKEA location for a refund. Customers are entitled to a full refund for chests and dressers manufactured between January 2002 and June 2016. Chests of drawers manufactured prior to 2002 will be eligible for a partial store credit. For any customer that still wants to keep their IKEA chests of drawers, but who did not keep their tip-over restraint, a free wall anchoring kit can be picked up at any IKEA location or one can be delivered to their home by contacting the Customer Support Centre at 1-800-661-9807 or by visiting ikea.ca/saferhomestogether.”

That is a pretty long time range as for recalls I think the most I have seen is like maybe a year or two. This is more than a decade worth of products. I don’t even think my drawer is design to be secured to the wall as the thing is too heavy to say tip over. Would you actually bring your drawer back though in this case? I can imagine a lot of people wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of doing so. Then again it would be perfect for people who are moving. If you really want a new one too I suppose this would be a way to do it.

ikea rcalled drawer 2

At the same time do people even know the name brand of their drawer? Cause I sure don’t and the list is pretty lengthy:

Alesund, Alleby, Alvesta, Aneboda, Angus, Ånes, Arup, Askedal, Aspelund, Balstar, Bankeryd, Bergsmo, Bialitt, Birkeland, Blimp, Boj, Brett, Boksta, BJÖRN, BÖRKVALLA, Diktad, Edland, Elis, Engan, Eksil, Fjell, Fjord, Flaten, Fridolin, Granås, Gute, Haddal, Hajdeby, Hensvik, Herrestad, Holleby, Hovdal, Hopen, Hosteland, Kabin, Kirkenes, Knot, Kusk, Kurs, Kviby, Leksvik, Lo, Lomen, Mac, Mast, Mammut, Mandal, Meråker, Midsund, Natura, Narvik, Nordli, Nordnes, Nyvoll, Ottenby, Rakke, Ramberg, Ranvik, Rodd, Robin, Rustik, Sala, Skarnes, Sandefjord, Stranda, Sveio, Stavanger, Tassa, Tovik, Trandum, Trondheim, Varde, Vajer, Vallvik, Vestby,Vinstra, Visdalen, Vollen.

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