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The Idea of Quitting A Career Without A Backup

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I was having some interesting conversations today where there were people who literally decided to stop working for a company as they didn’t see a future for themselves with the organization anymore. At first I thought it was as simple career change as a lot of people do that. However, in this case they had no backup or anything but simply felt it was time to stop.

The reasons aren’t too far-fetched I thought such as your standard being told to do things that you don’t agree with where it’s like you are just a pawn in the overall picture. You would think it would be something more over the top. But the general reasoning was they simply needed that time to really think about what they want to do. By simply continuing to do what they are doing it doesn’t give them the real push they need to drastically change.

Kind of scary in many ways huh? At the same time, I suppose there is a lot of truth to it as it’s almost like investors who hate investing in someone’s business if they know that they are working a 9-5 still. Many times the assumption there is the person isn’t dedicating all of their efforts towards it which increases the odds of failure or stagnant growth. The decision to do this is probably way more difficult if you depend on a set stream of income fore like your family of course.

Would you ever dare to stop a career cold turkey in order to force yourself to find something that you truly enjoy to do?

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