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Idea of Trying Cheap Services Even If People Say It Is Bad


A conversation came up today about cell phone carriers and how the cheap providers usually have bad coverage and reliability to the point where it simply isn’t worth it. A point was brought up that there are people who have no issues with the service but the majority of people will have problems. That’s when I chimed in on how I was using this one so called bad phone carrier and how it works fine for me. That brought some chuckles as it was mentioned I was just the exception that was mentioned.

Sometimes I tend to try services like these where others say are really bad if the savings are significant. The reason being is that as I have often found that the way people use a service or their tolerance for certain things may be completely irrelevant for myself. Example, people insisting that they must download 4K video streams on their phone and complaining that the Internet speed is too slow. For me, I don’t really care too much if the quality is lower as the screen is too small for that type of quality anyways.

In my case if I never tried the provider I am currently using despite the complaints I would be paying probably double every month than I currently am. There are exceptions of course. But if it is extremely cheap where worst case scenario you can just switch to the more expensive option then why not give the cheap option a try to see if it works for you?

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