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The Idea of Always Spending Borrowed Money Only To Be Wealthy

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This was kind of interesting while learning some martial arts today. My teacher started to go into a deep conversation where he asked a person what is the key to being able to control a fight of sorts when the person is a lot stronger than you. At first the person said things like balance but that wasn’t the right answer. Afterwards he said the key to remember was that you should always learn to borrow the other person’s power which you would redirect back to them.

To make his point further interestingly enough he started to talk about money in life and how he used that same philosophy to be debt free in a sense. For example, he was saying if you always just use your own money to go against another who is a lot bigger than you then you can drain yourself pretty fast. That was in relation to say like blocking a punch where you try to fight strength with strength. Instead, he said that you need to learn how to accept the money that others in a sense give you and find ways to give it back to them in a bigger way.

In my mind I guess he is trying to say it’s kind of like starting a business where you learn how to use venture capitalist money as opposed to always trying to tackle everything yourself. Again, it was kind of interesting to hear a person like that use business and money as an analogy for that. Could you always live just on borrowed money like this though?

I guess in many ways I can see why people would encourage that route. I often like to think too though that my personal takeaway from things like martial arts is that once you start to really understand whatever system it is that you train in you kind of learn that you just don’t need to fight anyone period which sound very strange to many. But in relations to money I would say that is probably a key to be financially dependent and all where you learn that you don’t really need money to do many things. You can put in the work to do things yourself, trade through bartering, etc.

So interesting though how a philosophy can be true in many ways for different aspects of one’s life.

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