I Will Treat You Next Time Debt
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I Will Treat You Next Time Debt

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The other day my friend as supposed to pay me back money for a pair of tickets that we bought as I placed all the expense under my own credit card. While he had all the intentions in doing so, on our way home we forgot to stop by a bank and as a result he didn’t have cash to pay me back. Therefore, he suggested that maybe he will just pay me back next time where he will pay for the event tickets.

It made me wonder if in all those years this scenario has repeated so many times where people have not paid me back and therefore I have ended up losing money. I would imagine this happens more commonly when people go to a restaurant in the spur of the moment. At the same time, it can kind of forces you to essentially spend your money in a way you may not have planned. Almost like getting store credit as opposed to cash.

I will most likely be getting the cash back so it isn’t a big deal. But in scenarios like these it’s probably a lot better to just ask for the cash back for the sake of everyone’s budget balancing.

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