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How Much of a Refund To Give If A Company Made Errors

I stumbled upon this video today that was kind of interesting as it revolved around a person who shipped some car parts through UPS where for one reason or another it got lost in shipment. This was devastating for the person as apparently the item is really rare and expensive. In a film script type of fashion, he eventually was able to find his parts as someone was selling it on Ebay.

It turned out that UPS had sold the items since it was an unclaimed package. Based on the video, it seemed like UPS was willing to compensate for some of its errors but not all of it. As you can imagine, this was one reason why the person continued to want to give the company a very poor review. Would you be inclined to not refund anything but the full amount in this case?

Considering how big the error was I am surprised that the company didn’t offer him more compensation. It probably doesn’t look good in your financial books to essentially lose money based on your errors where you would rather just not make any. But in this day and age where people can quickly share opinions and experiences about businesses I would think a company needs to indefinitely show that they recognize an error and are trying hard to make up for it.

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