How Much Money To Warrant A Relocation
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How Much Money To Warrant A Relocation

My brother was telling me today that he was thinking of moving to Ottawa as a result of a job opening that is more related to what he would like to do career wise. As well, he would get paid more compared to what he is doing. Guess the only real drawback is that his family life has been kind of set here and so that would mean a big change.

A lot have people have told me that an income at around $70,000 to $100,000 a year would warrant a relocation to start a life elsewhere if one already has a family life. I would tend to say if you are relocating just for money then that figure sounds about right if you are working at a traditional job type of lifestyle.

Although, in the end I’m sure it comes down to opportunity and lifestyle for virtually everyone. Of course, that figure is just based on general averages of the cost of living for most city type of areas for everyday people.

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