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How Much Extra We Spend To Be Fashionable

I was reading this news that Amancio Ortega has surpassed Warren Buffett as the second richest man in the world. He is the owner and creator of the fashion brand Zara. While I would imagine that Ortega has investments in other businesses as well, a huge part of it comes from his Zara business alone. Kind of makes you wonder if we are spending too much on fashion. Especially for those who constantly find themselves tight with money.

I suppose the main argument is you simply can’t compete as well if you are not fashionable to a certain extent for most types of work. Example, you would most likely get ridiculed for a simple office job if you walked in with a very basic shirt and sweatpants. But there are times where I think it’s going overboard such as people on a tight budget carrying around bags and wallets that are like $200. As a whole we must be spending way too much for a person like this to become that wealthy over it.

Of course if you have that much extra funds then by all means it’s more about personal preference. But if you are tight on a budget that’s something to think about.

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