Holiday Bonuses As Your Gift Budget
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Holiday Bonuses As Your Gift Budget

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A person was telling me that she should be receiving almost $300 this year during the month of December as a holiday bonus from her place of employment. She seemed to have had everything already determined as to how exactly the money will be distributed to buy presents for her friends and family. In her mind, most people usually drain their personal savings a bit to buy gifts for people and don’t really consider too much of the impact it has on themselves financially.

For her though she expressed that this is bonus money and working with those funds would mean she isn’t affecting her regular monthly finances. Essentially, that money pool is as if that is all the money she has to spend on gifts and can’t spend anymore. Interesting way to handle it I thought as most would just use the bonus for some kind of personal luxury.

Whereas in her case she used it as a way to control her spending and at the same time took out the factor of allowing gift shopping to be a financial burden of sort that would force you to cut back on other things.

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