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HMV Closing Down In Canada

hmv canad closing

Well I just read some news today that a large chain called HMV which was originally very big in selling things like music and DVD products are going out of business. From what I read April 30th seems to be the last day that the business will be opened.

I am not surprised of course as many traditional retailers seem to be closing shop. I know profit wise a lot of companies nowadays are actually changing up their strategy a bit where they focus a lot in renting out sections for companies to have their own dedicated sections. This is often why you would see like say a dedicated Microsoft section at a retail chain as an example.

That`s not too bad of an idea as it`s almost like you are covering your rent this way while still offering the products to people. For you as the consumer this means big deals. I know a lot of small businesses actually love these kinds of sales too as they usually buy things like the racks to place in their own shops. Of course, the best deals will come as the closing date gets nearer.

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