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Hiring An Entrepreneur As An Employee

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I thought this was kind of interesting as I was reading about this company that was looking for help as an employee. However, because they wanted a person to be able to take charge while having confidence to bring ideas to the table in order to make the business better they were saying how they wanted to hire an entrepreneur. This is a little conflicting because you would think if an entrepreneur is successful and has their own business then why in the world would they drop that to work for someone else?

They had a strange setup though it seemed where they essentially had a lot of people who worked maybe one or two days a week. Basically it seemed more like people were working there as a side hobby as opposed to like a career oriented job. At the same time, that isn’t too far fetched as I have seen plenty of people who are say very wealthy or have successful businesses and yet they still agree to work at an everyday job purely for the experience of it.

I was thinking too on how you must really be confident in your business and what you are doing in order to attract a person with that background to do it. At the same time, most people would be afraid of that as you would think a self employed guy would want to take charge too much to the point where they can’t follow directions. Makes me wonder on how long on average a person like this would even stay and if not for long on whether or not you end up losing money due to having to re-hire all the time.

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