Higher Quality Gear For Isolated Incidents
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Higher Quality Gear For Isolated Incidents

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Oh my was it windy here today for whatever reason and on top of that it was raining. My umbrella struggled a lot in trying to cope with the wind at times too which made me wonder if I should buy one of those ridiculously priced ones compared to the budget ones I would normally get. Would you be inclined to pay more for expensive gear because of incidents like this?

The price difference is a little hard to swallow though such as a $5 umbrella compared to say an $80 one. According to the news the weather is truly bad for people one the islands where in that case I would invest in it. But since I am in an area where it’s probably going to go away soon it makes me want to save my money. For now I will probably just stay with the budget items unless I hear it will be consistently getting worst over the weeks as I try to avoid emotional purchases like this.

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