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Hiding Your Hobbies For Business Image Perception

It’s no secret that for myself video games is a hobby I enjoy. However, I do recognize that in saying so there is a large portion of the population who stereotype a person like myself to the point where they wouldn’t be able to take me seriously because of it. Just the other day, I noticed something funny as there was a video game event that was being showcased in an online platform and one of the viewers I knew was a pretty big business guy who used the same site all the time to promote his business. However, to watch this event he used a different alias in hopes to not draw attention it seems to the fact that he has an interest in it.

This is pretty common too and it makes me wonder if it isn’t a wise move business wise to simply not make your hobbies well known. It’s a different situation if you are already extremely established with a celebrity type of following of course. But as the little guy would it be worth it? You could argue that people who can’t look past things like that wouldn’t be good customers for you anyways or that it can help attract a more like minded consumer base. For most though it can be an uphill battle that doesn’t make too much sense to get involved with.

I know for myself many times I would choose the uphill battle simply out of principles. If it’s all about money though that is probably a different story.

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