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Helping The Worker Or Getting A Discount

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Today I made a pretty big purchase at a store where in the past I used to work for the company. As a result, I am fully aware of how the business operates financially. Upon making the purchase the person that was aiding me threw all the sales pitches that I was anticipating. Initially I was trying to make this a pretty fast in and out purchases and thought that it would help one of the workers as it would make them look good performance wise.

I couldn’t resist though as after he continued to pitch me in buying additional items I mentioned I used to work for the business. This started a conversation about some personnel in the business which we both knew. At the same time, during this conversation I found out that I person I knew still worked there and that I could have probably asked for a discount. However, as a result I knew that the person helping me wouldn’t get his spiff for selling the item.

This was one of those times I decided to actually spend more than I had to. In some ways I guess this is like tipping people where at times you want to be a bit more generous in hopes that it makes another person’s day happier. Can’t always just be about yourself.

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