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Health Before Wealth

I was watching an interesting documentary today of a person who was expressing how he thought he had everything backwards in life where he was so focused in making money and that his personal health was usually at the bottom of his list. He would always invest a lot of money into making more money but when it came to things like the food he ate he would simply just eat anything and filled him up. It was interesting as because of this unhealthy lifestyle he would often rely on pills and such to make him feel better which in the end would cost him a lot of money.

Afterwards, he started to seriously put a budget into things such as eating healthier and there were even comparisons on how much it costs him to say buy those fresh fruits and vegetables versus the junk and pills he was relying on. Not surprisingly, he got better as time went on and it was so much cheaper. Kind of interesting how we easily overlook simple things like these during our hectic lifestyles. As always, learn to take care of yourself first.

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