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Having Your Data Sold For Money If You Use AVG

Interesting piece of news today for people who use AVG for their antivirus software. While it is pretty well known that a lot of people use the software for free, there was an update to its privacy policy that will be implemented soon that states the company will “collect non-personal data to make money from our free offerings so we can keep them free.”

While I know a lot of companies sell data to make money, it’s kind of interesting for a business to just throw it out there like that. Of course the reaction is this is crazy as people try to find alternative solutions. The things is too, there are probably quite a few free services that everyone is enrolled into that uses the same type of business model to stay afloat. It’s big business too.

Do you personally care as technically this is supposed to be non-identifiable data? Kind of the equivalent of a marketing company keeping track of how many people walked by a certain display while taking a pamphlet. But usually that is the trade-off for free software products.

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