Having To Spend Based On A Limit
Financial Management

Having To Spend Based On A Limit

It’s kind of interesting to learn from a person that the way he managed his finances was that he organized his funds in such a way where money is distributed evenly and that any funds that was intended for a particular need must be used up. For example, imagine putting aside $100 dollars for yourself for a week to spend on entertainment. If you had say $50 left before the end of the week, you would then kind of force yourself to do something with it such as going to the movies and paying for someone else’s ticket as well.

The reason I was told on why he did that was a familiar reason as he mentioned that you have to enjoy life and so if you have to force yourself to do it then that’s what you have to do. Guess it’s kind of like how when you really want to get something done you tend to do nothing but work and then everyone around you tells you how you have to force yourself to take a break.

You really have to be disciplined and well organized to try this route I’d say. Kind of risky too as you have less room for recovery incase something unexpected happens. But, if that is what it takes for some to ensure balance in their life then I guess it shouldn’t be too bad.

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