Having To Explain The Value of A Service or Item

Having To Explain The Value of A Service or Item

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Many times I often do things for free when it comes to items that are fairly easy for me to do. For example, documenting various events or helping people to fix items that are technical related. The most interesting thing is when people have no knowledge of what the industry standard rate is for specific items to the point where they feel the service they are given is like ordering a glass of water. It’s when they discover what the industry rates are themselves that they then try to treat everything as if they had to pay money for it.

We often overlook that most people simply think everything is worth say one cent unless you specifically tell them otherwise. I guess an example would be if you had a deal where customers get a free item upon buying something they most likely won’t think it is worth a lot. But if you say they get a free item worth X amount of value that probably changes their mindset. It could actually encourage people to want to take advantage of the deal too.

I guess you can say we shouldn’t ever assume that people necessarily know anything about the value of a product or service where doing something to educate them about it can make things better for you.

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