Having The Price Stuck On An Item
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Having The Price Stuck On An Item

spiderman ball

Usually when we buy gifts for people we make the effort to remove any indications as to how much the product actually costs. This is done for obvious reasons of course such as not wanting people to think too much of the money you paid to buy the item. My mom was laughing as she bought this ball from the dollar store to give as a gift to a child. However, it almost looks as though the price was like imprinted or something right onto the ball itself. Therefore, you can’t really remove the price or the company logo as to where it was purchased from.

spiderman ball price

She was joking how the parents are going to react that the gift was bought from a dollar store. I don’t think a two year old will care much where it came from. It does make me wonder if you as a person would actually pay more to not have stuff like this stuck on the product. Or at the same time, if it is a good trade-off for a company to plaster their price and logos this way where they sell it for cheap in hopes that it will provide them with good advertising.

Would you actually care if you got a card and it had a dollar store price and logo stuck on it as an example?

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