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Having Out of Controlled Customers

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I was at a store today and it seemed like there was a father and son who appeared to be well into the 50+ age range and they were having some kind of dispute. They were in the midst of making the transaction but as a result of this they were screaming their heads off which of course distracted all of the other customers and made the environment uneasy. The interesting thing to me was that they simply for the most part allowed them to do it as they wanted to get the transaction done fast so that they would leave faster.

I was thinking about this and how they potentially lost more business by not simply asking them to leave. For example, people on the outside that didn’t want to go in as a result as well as other people leaving the store they assume something bad is going to happen. I’m inclined to say there that the loss of a sale in that case is more worth it where if you inform them that they need to calm down and if they don’t then it’s better to have them out as fast as possible.

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