Having More Than One Great Item Ready To Be Discovered

Having More Than One Great Item Ready To Be Discovered

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People always say just keep doing it and your time will come. But the reality is for most people they will simply give up when the results don’t seem to be matching their expectations based on all the success stories that they hear. What was interesting to see recently was how some people made it big as for one reason or another the right people ran across some of their work and everything just changed from there. Imagine someone making maybe $100 a month with their side business to then earn say $5000 because people are actually finding their work now.

The thing about this too was how people were immensely benefiting from the sudden surge of extra attention because of all of their work in total that they continued to produce despite things not accelerating publicly. So when it came time that they got their big break per se people were checking out all of their great stuff that they have done over the years. Many wondered how is it that they never heard of the person before?

I was thinking imagine if they only produced one great item and then left everything as is where they figured it’s not getting any traction now so no point in doing other stuff. But because they did keep going everything is now getting its long overdue recognition. Obviously this really depends on what exactly it is you are doing. For example if you run a restaurant that doesn’t mean you should literally keep making food when no one is ordering yet. By like the restaurant it could be instead find a way to keep going and innovating on new menu items to continue to amaze people. Don’t just stop with one thing.

When it’s your time that backlog of work can definitely pay off as if you already did the hard work and now you will reap the benefits of it in a bigger way.

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