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Having Low Expectation Versus Living Within Your Means

This was kind of a thinker as I was hearing a debate about how a person was saying that people who budget only within their means will never make it big as that is similar to always playing things safe where one would never try for any type of big ideas and challenges to be hugely successful. That then brought up how it isn’t the same thing as staying within your means is more about being practical.

I personally think the main negative in regards to this is more about if a person always chooses the easiest option while at the same time feeling that it is something they don’t believe in or enjoy. In that case it’s more about insisting in being stuck in a rut of sort as opposed to being independent and doing what you think fulfills you. I personally don’t think a person who budgets within their means is any less ambitious versus say a person with a mentality that you must always think and spend big in a fake it till you make it type of routine.

Like anything it’s about balance. You can’t always play it safe as you have to do things that scare you at times. Similarly, you can’t just go blowing all your money with a think big mentality when in reality you can’t afford it. You just have to really believe and enjoy what you are doing.

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