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Having Business Contacts With No Real Chemistry

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Today an odd thing happened as I literally passed by a person that I recognized. However, when I looked over the person didn’t return eye contact back as they were walking with another person. Therefore, I didn’t bother to stop them. While this could have been a simple case of not noticing, I specifically remember not too long ago the same thing kind of happened except the person was all by themselves. I originally met this contact at an event where he actually took initiative to add me to his list. But for the most part, this connection feels kind of “fake” I guess you can say where it’s more like the person just adds everyone they meet.

I was then thinking, should I just take this person off my contact list? If this was a personal contact then most likely I probably would as there is really no point in staying connected. However, this is a business scenario and I know how crazy people can get if you take them off your contact. In many ways, it is like a rolodex. It’s just nowadays people quickly add each other on various social media platforms as if it was a business card.

At this point I am inclined to just leave it as is as it seems like it would be less confrontational that way. It’s just a little odd as even with business contacts I feel it should be more about establishing relationships with people as opposed to treating it in a way where you only communicate with each other if someone needs something. They often say in business you are not there to make friends but examples like these make me wonder how that type of mentality can work in the long run.

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