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Having A Healthy Dose of Skepticism

After getting that e-mail yesterday it kind of reminded me on how it’s good to be skeptical at times as when it comes to your money as there is no shortage of people who will want to take it from you through unscrupulous means. The funny thing is too that just recently I passed by some kind of small psychic business that opened up and it was advertising that the person charged about $75/hour for a reading. Pretty hefty fee I thought too since I’m naturally skeptical of these types of service offerings.

It then reminded me of some interviews that I saw before about a person named James Randi who is a magician and appears to now dedicate his time to putting people on the spot who claim to have some kind of “paranormal” ability who are also making money off people too as a result. I found this video of him which seems kind of old but gets the point across:

It’s always good to be a little skeptical for anything as it will make you think twice the next time you say read those ads about how you can work at home and get paid say thousands a day or that buying some special potion will keep you healthy for life. I often hear the term “Seeing is believing”. Yet when I think about it even that is not enough at times as what you are seeing could simply be “staged” such as a person having hundreds of fabricated testimonies about people who buy his products.

Of course, being skeptical doesn’t mean being extremely negative either. For example, if I saw an offer that seemed really good, the skepticism is more about having the desire to want to learn more about something as oppose to trying to debunk it. For example, if I read that a certain credit card offered say a 50% cash back option for every dollar, the skepticism would make me want to read all the fine prints to learn the stipulations as oppose to intentionally focusing in finding a fault of some sort.

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