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Having A Hater of Sorts Is Sure A Good Indication of Growth

I noticed something interesting recently which is a common saying on how when you are achieving success of sort there isn’t usually a way that you can make everyone happy. During this process you will probably notice people who specifically hate others for no real reason other than something seems to be going well for someone else.

I just noticed this for one project where before it remained fairly low key as it had its audience and so forth. Recently it just kind of blew up in growth due to various factors. Now the funny thing with this was how I was actually noticed an increase in “haters” as they say where it seems like there was specifically one person or so who made it his mission to try and spew out negativity to hopefully stop the growth. While normally people would see that as a nuisance of sorts, the funny thing was I was thinking about it as “Wow, this thing is taking off.”

The blunt way that many entrepreneurs usually put it is “If you aren’t pissing someone off you aren’t doing it right.” In many ways I guess there is some truth to that. Now how you react to it is probably key too as I would imagine many people would make the error of trying to cater to a person like that when in reality they probably don’t want to see you succeed.

That’s more important reason to surround yourself with people who would actually support you and push you to be your best as they say even if it is tough. That’s a huge difference from a person just being negative and wanting to bring you down for their own gain as an example. Though I always wonder if people who spend that much energy on something, even if it is negative, realize that they actually help the person grow more in many ways.

It’s almost like a typical story of a person trying to bully another where when the majority see that the person being affected then gets more support.

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