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Harsher Opinions If People Think You Have It Easy

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I was surprised recently as I was seeing some work that a person was producing where it seemed okay for the most part. However, for some reason people were extremely harsh on her it seems such as leaving rather nasty critiques. But the interesting thing was these critiques seemed to be generated with the mindset that the person has all the resources and time in the world to create something just like a large corporation when really she doesn’t.

While that is definitely not fair I suppose it kind of shows at times that you need to educate people on your potential struggles and challenges in running a business because many times people are just oblivious as to how much effort and sacrifice it takes to do whatever it is you may be doing. As well this can relate to how many people assume that everything a company sells generates so much money when in reality the profit margins can be so little.

They often say perception is reality and so educating people about the trials and tribulations you face as a business or entrepreneur in a good way is almost a necessity nowadays since people have so much information available to them to search online. People assume because one business say generates a ton of money doing certain things then everyone must be the same. That is further from the truth of course and the reality is with that assumption people can tend to be more critical towards a business.

Having things like a basic social media presence is one way many small businesses educate people while promoting its business too. Might be a wise thing to do as you could be losing sales and support simply because of the misconception about your efforts and profit.

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