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How Hard Would It Be To Find New Work After A Layoff

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It appears here in Canada it’s not only Target Canada that is closing its doors but a few other companies as well. It was announced recently that Sony will be closing its retail stores as well as an example. This produced a lot of news of course on how there will be tens of thousands of people in the unemployed line.

It did make me wonder, how difficult is it to find a new job nowadays? I remember before as an example where I saw a person who was unemployed and relied on taking money from friends and family members to survive. When asked why he doesn’t simply work at something like a fast food restaurant as there were a lot of help wanted ads he immediately reacted in a fashion where he is way above that.

It does make me think in many ways about the difficulty in finding a job. Is it more about the difficulty in finding something that is exactly what you want? In some ways I actually want to try it out to see how difficult it is to find employment if you simply have a teenager mentality where you will do almost anything as you are simply hungry to work and learn all kinds of jobs.

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