Haircut Cost
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Haircut Cost

This was kind of an interesting thought that came up today. When it comes to getting a haircut, there are people who don’t mind spending say $100 for one and others who think it is ridiculous as it should only be say $10. I guess in some ways this can be one of those things that you don’t put much thought into as for the most part people want to look their best and so they don’t mind spending the extra money to do so.

When it comes to a male versus a female though, there is usually an astounding amount of people who believe there is no way a guy should spend more than say $20 for a haircut. For myself, I usually spend between $10-$20 per cut. I have been to more high end places before and from my experience it usually either turns out the same or sometimes worse. In general though, I personally don’t see how one needs to spend so much money to simply get a haircut. I can see if it was to style it and all that, but for a just a cut seems like a pure money grabber.

I think I once read that there was a person who charged almost $2000 per haircut. Now that would be an over the top example of way too much in my opinion. There are a lot of times where I see people who complain how essential things are so expensive and at the same time they have no problems dropping say a hundred dollars to get a hair cut. Sometimes I think certain people do it as well based on the price mentality on how if it is more expensive it must be better. There used to be a lady around here that did a really great job cutting my hair and it was for less than $10. She has since moved away from Vancouver to be closer to her family. I personally haven’t found a new place that consistently does a good job and that includes places that are expensive as well. In my case, the price didn’t really mean anything in terms of the end result.

I guess if you need to save money, this can be something to look into as maybe shopping around a bit can get you the same results you are after for less which will give you more money to spend on other things.

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