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Guessing There Was Slavery or Something With A Built Product

Funny thing today as I was looking at this carbonated drink making machines as a person I knew was looking for one. Since this wasn’t my area of expertise I simply visited a lot of stores to get some ideas of what is out there. For the most part most of the stores carried the same brand and one peculiar thing was that all the products looked like they were were packaged and constructed with some disgruntled labour. You could argue that maybe it was a bad batch but it was very unusual how all of them in different stores had things such as pen markings on the packages.

I then decided to research online a bit about it as it got me curious. Sure enough, there did seem to be some controversy about the labour practices in regards to how the products were being made. It all kind of made sense afterwards. I think this is the first time I have personally been able to immediately identify that something was wrong within the company and its products simply by looking at the products at the store. The sad thing is too there didn’t seem to be alternative brands as this must be very cheap with a high margin for all the businesses to carry this brand only.

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