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Green Shopping

This year I noticed for a lot of back to school advertisement sales there are so many stores mentioning that certain products are environmentally friendly. Usually most of the green items are a little more expensive which makes some people a little weary in buying them.

These are one of those things that I usually don’t mind spending some extra money for as I guess I feel the need to contribute in being green friendly. The only bad thing about it is that I am usually not too knowledgeable about what exactly is so green about every product compared to others and so I would be more susceptible to paying extra for something that I am not really sure about.

I guess it is like buying these food items that say they are packed with things that are suppose to be good for you and so you are simply going by what the front label says. Example, if I see a electronic equipment with some kind of green friendly label I can usually assume it has something to do with power consumption. Start getting into things like a shoe and I wouldn’t know the specifics as to what makes that one “green friendly”.

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