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Good Service Even If No Purchase Is Made

I was trying to get a deal today on an appliance I read that was on sale and upon arriving at the store it seemed like all the prices were normal. As a result, I started to look around a bit to see if it was a specific model that was being priced differently. Not too long after a worker approached me and asked me if I needed help.

I mentioned I was looking for the sale and although she was confused about it as to her knowledge there was none she tried everything from scanning the item to even going to the customer service desk to ask if anyone else knew. In the end we found out that there was one that was deeply discounted and it happened to apply only to models of a certain color which was sold out.

While I didn’t get the deal as a result, what this made me think of was how business wise that customer service plays a huge role in bringing back the customer. I say this because this store used to be a different company not too long ago and since the change one big difference I notice is that the staff actually wants to help people it seems. I remember the old staff with the other company all seemed unpassionate about their jobs as if it’s simply a pay cheque. As a result, it’s like they would rather avoid people.

Or in many cases, a lot of places you only get help if they think they can make a big sale from you right there and then. I suppose this stresses the point more where it’s about providing a good service and experience and not just focusing on the numbers all the time.

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