Giving Too Much Product or Services

Giving Too Much Product or Services

Watching those kitchen related shows is often entertaining when it comes to the business choices that people make on how to run their operations. One theme I notice that often comes up is portion sizes and how certain business are criticized for giving the customers way too much. I then recently heard of other examples such as providing people way too much activity time for certain events as you can turn people around faster to get more business.

Usually the mindset is “who doesn’t want more?” Basically, if you offer more people will most likely come back again. I guess with these examples though it usually translates to the business ends up spending more than they earn and as a result they go bankrupt. Sometimes you do have to think of things from a numbers point of view too. There have been plenty of times where I have said as an outsider per se “Why can’t the company just give or offer more” where once you see the numbers then you realize it wouldn’t be a sustainable move.

I suppose the key is don’t think of it so much as “give people less” but rather “give what you can” where hopefully once you grow big enough and reduce other expenses then you can slowly start to offer more. Most people nowadays too understand that businesses have expenses. As long as you give something of great quality and value overall let people help you grow.

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