Giving Oneself The Jobs And Opportunities

Giving Oneself The Jobs And Opportunities

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Imagine this where there is a firm of sort where its specialty is to specifically find employers the right talent for a specific role. For example, a warehouse needs people who can use a forklift and this company then does whatever it takes to find that talent. What was surprising to me was when I saw an example of actual owners and executives of that firm take the jobs that were lucrative for themselves while leaving the less desired ones for the actual candidates.

While the actual employers don’t really care as long as their jobs get done, it does make you think how many times this can happen in various businesses. That’s why I personally feel it’s always good to educate yourself and the industry you are in to see what is truly out there as opposed to just blindly relying on a specific source. Because many times those lucrative opportunities simply do get taken through internal means.

Usually that just means through referrals and word of mouth but like in this example there are many times that people on the inside just take things for themselves. This may be even more prevalent nowadays as more people are trying out the gigs job lifestyle where everyone is just working small contract jobs. Be aware what’s out there on your own too.

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