Giving A False Sense of Being Listened Too

Giving A False Sense of Being Listened Too

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It was interesting today as I was reading how a company sent all of its customers surveys that asked questions on how they felt about some potential changes that they were interested in implementing. Essentially, the change is big enough where it would affect everyone and so they want people’s feedback about it. Funny thing was people saw memos that indicated they have already decided what to do anyways and so for the most part people giving opinions are more for show.

Not a good thing to get caught doing. At the same time, I guess many business choose to do that to kind of show that they at least tried. Almost sounds like something you would normally only see in politics during election times huh? One of those sneaky business tactics that should give you an insight in terms of how they perceive you as a customer for you determine if you should do business with them I suppose.

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