Gifts or Treating For Dinner
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Gifts or Treating For Dinner

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A person was telling me today that in an effort to save money when it came to a person’s birthday that they would buy them a present instead of treating them for say dinner as it is way cheaper this way. I was thinking about it and thought the price should be the same if you restrict yourself to a certain budget. In either scenario you would end up spending the exact same thing.

I guess there is the factor that the person would order something crazy on top of your own meal. Speaking for myself, when people treat me I am usually very sensitive about what to order as I always look at what is too expensive or not as I don’t want people to spend too much. Same thing in terms of receiving gifts as in many ways you don’t want people to break the bank over you.

I usually prefer giving gifts anyhow as the value of it comes more in getting people things that they will find useful or beneficial.

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