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Getting Travel Ticket Refunds Due To Medical Emergencies

Today I visited a family member in the hospital as there was a situation with the person’s heart. Overall, it wasn’t too serious in the end and everything ended up okay. As I was in the waiting room the doctor came out to bring me in to see him and the doctor was joking how the person was more concerned in not being able to go to a planned trip next week. There was no travel insurance purchased either which means more than likely no refunds would be offered.

The doctor was then saying how he was going to write a medical note which may be able to help him get a refund as he had experiences before for himself where due to a medical emergency he was able to cancel everything from the flight to a hotel booking and was able to get a full refund. Of course, he stressed that it would be entirely up to the vendor as this note would simply show that the person is legitimately unfit to travel health wise.

That was surprising to me as I never knew this was potentially a way that people can get refunds for trips if the situation is serious. I am going to be helping the person to see if he can actually get the refund. Be interesting if it does work as again the business really doesn’t have too.

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