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Getting A Telemarketing Call During An Important Conversation

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Today while on the phone I noticed that someone else was trying to call in and so I answered it to see who it was. It turned out to be a telemarketer of some sort and I mentioned that it was a really bad time as I was on the other line with an important call. The person respected this and hung up.

The funny thing I was thinking was that usually a telemarketer is extremely pushy when you tell them that you aren’t interested. Basically, they have like a laundry list of ways to handle rejection. The more I think about it, every time that I mentioned that I was on the other line they just hang up. It happens to be the truth too. A funny contrast to other times where I say I am not interested and then need to think of something without the need of being rude and just hanging up.

So maybe if you are looking for ways to get a telemarketer to stop talking to you, next time you can just say you are on the other line too and that it is a really bad time to call.

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