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Getting Stuff Done Right Away With Less Options

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People often say that when it comes to work or starting a self-employed business that procrastination is usually a killer for many. I have seen this plenty of times where people put off in developing an idea as an example simply because there doesn’t seem to be any real urgency to do it now. I thought this was an interesting example today where it seems like I will be busy for the whole day tomorrow. Therefore, the first thing that came to my mind is how can I finish all the stuff I would have normally taken my time with tomorrow faster?

The answer was pretty simple as I simply sacrificed some relaxation time today to finish the work that I would have normally done the next day. So sure enough, tomorrow I can just focus on that one big task at hand regardless of how long it takes to finish it. If you think about it just the fact that my options are very limited where there is a possibility that I simply won’t have the time for other things tomorrow pretty much made me finish everything right away.

In many ways I guess you have to somehow think like that too if you are trying to get something going. Especially if it’s a situation where you are say trying to create a part-time home based business. It’s just too easy to allow the comfort of like your regular full-time job to take away the urgency to start building something now. In these situations you only have yourself to stay accountable.

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