Getting Paid More or Less For Doing The Same As Others

Getting Paid More or Less For Doing The Same As Others

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There were some interesting conversations I heard today that revolved around how one feels when they are working at a job knowing that another person is getting more or less for doing virtually exactly the same thing. It was funny in the sense that in this group the person who got paid more was expressing they felt kind of bad as it doesn’t seem right even though the other people didn’t care too much but was instead happy for the person. It’s usually the other way around where the people making less would in a way despise people who make more.

From what I saw it was mostly due to politics and professional relationships. With that said too, it makes me thing how many times people work so hard in trying to change the system itself to get the desired results. I always like the idea too though where you can also go with the route where you become so darn good that people simply can’t ignore you. That way, you are building up your value where it’s a dumb idea for the business to not try and treat you in the higher tier bracket.

It like you are instead focusing in investing all of your energy in yourself instead where you can create opportunities even if it means have to go outside of the current organization who you feel may not be treating you fairly. Just feels better to me to focus on how to grow yourself as opposed to constantly comparing yourself to others and what they make income wise in life.

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