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Amazon Underground Getting Paid Apps For Free

Amazon underground google android apps for free

I haven’t been one to use too many apps on a smartphone before. The main reason is because I would rather not clutter my equipment with stuff I don’t really need. As well, a lot of the apps simply weren’t compatible with my old phone. But now that I got a new phone I started to investigate more into the types of options that were available.

I started to read on various ways that developers are able to give people apps for free where one of the models is the most obvious one where they support themselves through advertising or in app micro transactions. There was then this one app that was foreign to me called Amazon Underground. Apparently with this business model the company actually pays companies a royalty to be able to give people the apps for free. Almost like how Netflix is able to offer thousands of shows on its services.

So that’s definitely an interesting thing to look into if you were looking for alternatives to get apps for free. To my knowledge you have to get through the sit as well as it isn’t in the online Play store. Always lots of ways to save money regardless of what you are looking or I suppose.

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