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Having Fun Getting Educated With Alibaba Prices

So with all this news about the company Alibaba and how it’s recent IPO is valued at over $200 billion I decided to take a peek at the site.  I was aware before that the site is known to essentially be a wholesale site where people can mostly buy various items from overseas suppliers.  As a result, you can expect the prices to be cheap.


Sure enough, that is what it seemed like such as USB cables for like twenty cents a piece.  You do have to purchase it in bulk of course which makes it unreasonable for most residential consumers.  However, looking at all these prices sure puts things in perspective on how much of a markup many of the items you buy have.  Especially in places like a dollar store where someone would initially think they make almost nothing on the items.

I does make me wonder too where a lot of the items look like they are knockoffs which puts things in perspective on how if something looks way too cheap price wise at the store this could very well be the reason.  It’s good to look at price-lists like these from time to time though to give you a better perspective on what is say too expensive or a good price to pay for various goods.

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