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Fully Utilizing The Space That You Have On A Budget

Sunny drone shot

This was creative and a little funny at the same time in a good way. I was listening to how there were these people trying to setup a home studio of some sort and there was one side saying how if you are serious you should invest in all these modifications for your room to make it more sound proof. As you may have expected it looked like one would have to spend thousands of dollars.

There was then this other guy who was tight on a budget but it seemed like he was still able to produce similar results in terms of cutting out background noise. Guess how he did it? Whenever he needed to record something he used his closet as the recording room. Apparently the tight space and things like clothing items was good at absorbing sound. That indeed made me chuckle a bit on how like with this at times there are so many ways to do things with so little money and all it takes is some creativity and common sense.

It may not be the most fancy way to do it, but if you are tight on a budget it should sure make you think on how you can be more creative with your real estate for your own specific situations.

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