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Frugal Couples Are Apparently A Myth

Well this was kind of funny. Some people were talking to me about relationships and what they feel is a good match in terms of an ideal couple. For the most part, there was a lot of talk about how what makes a good pair/couple is that each person can fill in the weaknesses of the other. Stereotypically, it’s like one person is good at cooking and the other at handy work.

Then a topic about finances came up and how apparently pairing up a guy and girl that is super frugal won’t work as you need at least one person that is the more sporadic spender, so to speak, as it keeps things unpredictable and exciting.

I found that a little silly personally and was then saying that I see tips and advices all the time about finances from married couples that seem to be very financially savvy when it comes to spending money. I was thinking too, isn’t it more likely that pairing up a frugal person with a sporadic spender will drive each other nuts more? 😛

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