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Frequently Renting Self Storage Or Simply Downsize

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I was reading some interesting tid bits today on how the self-storage industry has been growing pretty rapidly. Essentially, these are those services where you can normally store your items in a small space for maybe $30 a month with the first month costing you like $1 to entice you to use it. I was thinking how this sure encourages bad habits that can cost you a lot in a year.

In many ways it’s almost like encouraging many people in renting an extra closet space full of junk that they don’t really need. Of course there may be times where you may legitimately need it such as if you are moving or need to store large items for commercial purposes. However, I would imagine the bulk of the business comes from people not wanting to throw away things like say an old TV or couch.

I know for myself, it can’t fit in my home then something needs to go. $20/$30 a month may not sound much, but again when you add it up as time goes on it’s a different story.

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