Free to Enter With A Fee To Leave

Free to Enter With A Fee To Leave

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Free to Enter With A Fee To Leave

Today I decided to do a hike on the Grouse Grind and it is pretty standard where if you choose to walk up the mountain you can avoid having to pay the fee in taking a sky ride up. However, coming down is a different story as you can’t go back down that way where you are essentially forced to pay to get down. On my way up the hike I heard this displeasure from a few people. The funny thing was a tourist actually told me that for someone to walk up this hike you should get like a free ticket down as like a reward.

It’s an interesting business model in some ways. It almost reminds me of mobile applications where they are free to start in the beginning but then you have to pay to unlock the whole thing to proceed. In this case too though one of the reasons is supposedly for safety concerns. One note though is that you can actually walk down the mountain on a different path where they don’t encourage it but they don’t ban it.

I usually don’t think too much of it as the place needs to make its money. Makes you think though if your business could benefit with these kinds of fees instead of just charging upfront.

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