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Forcing Yourself To Rest Too

I was talking to a person who runs his own freelancing business which meant that he has to constantly search for new customers. Not surprisingly he mentioned that he gets maybe three hours of sleep each day as it is much more relaxing to know that he has secured a contract for a month rather than worrying about it while trying to rest.

This is one of those things where I think to a certain extent you should try to force yourself to do as if it is a meeting that you shouldn’t miss. I can only imagine that one would be operating at maybe 50% of alertness with that little rest. The only real times that I find myself in situations like that is if I was say running an event that requires an all-nighter of sort. Otherwise having to do that consistently would usually indicate that there has to be a better way to leverage your time.

While one of the thoughts could be that you are losing money every time you go to bed, another way to think about it is looking at how much money you are going to spend if you end up stressing yourself out too much.

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