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Focusing On The Gain or Loss

So I was looking at some statistics for one of my projects and funny enough the first thing I looked at was this part that talked about losses as I am always curious in seeing if I can get any useful data out of it. The funny thing is my mind immediately thinks that I potentially missed out on something to create that scenario. However, I then looked at the gains part and it was pretty high to the point where the loss is negligible. Ultimately, from what I observed it’s kind of like one of those you can’t make everyone happy kind of scenario and nor should you.

I was thinking as many times people can easily freak out and focus too much on the negative numbers as if it always means you are in a sense losing. That just isn’t the case many times as it can simply be a necessary change in order to grab a bigger piece of the pie as they say. It’s when you have nothing gaining at all to balance or exceed that loss where I would personally be worried.

It’s almost the same as one continually dwelling on the past as opposed to focusing on what needs to be done now as well as all the other good stuff. Don’t just ignore the negative numbers too as they can provide valuable insight to help you determine if you are going in a direction that you wish too. At the same time, don’t get fixated with it.

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